• Steven W. Bernstein and the Foreclosure Process

  • Posted on April 30, 2017
  • While every bank will tell you the foreclosure process is simple, most of the time, they’re not telling the truth. It’s not the case that the bank just sends you a notice, then come to evict you and you end up out on the street. The process is far more complicated and homeowners often have a way to get out of the process in decent shape. Steven W. Bernstein understands that the process can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete, but most importantly, he understands the many ways to emerge from the process n a way that allows them to stay in their home.

    Steven W. Bernstein understands exactly what many homeowners actually face in the foreclosure process and he knows how to guide anyone though the loan negotiation and modification process. Because of that, Steven is uniquely capable of getting you through the process with the best possible results. He even established Foreclosure Defense, LLC, as a firm that tries to bring about some level of justice for homeowners who face foreclosure, especially those that are unfair or quite possibly illegal. Now a prominent expert on the foreclosure process and the laws that surround it, Steven travels the nation to show attorneys and others how to fight for homeowners, especially when greedy bankers try to use predatory banking practices.

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